Updates for our Residents


Trick or treating for Forward Township is:
October 31st
6 PM - 7 PM

The Road Crew has been hard at work this summer working on our roads. Check out all the work they’ve done below.

Paved Roads

Community Park Road: From Needlepoint to Old route 68
Buhl Road: From Old Route 68 to State Route 68
Watters Station Road: From Browns Mill Road to Cashdollar Road
George Road: From Wagner Road to a point
Community Park Road

Community Park Road


Tar & Chip Roads

Ash Stop Road: From Old Route 68 Road to State Route 68
Ash Avenue: From State Route 68 to Margaret Avenue
Margaret Avenue: From Municipal Line to Ash Avenue
Watters Station Road: From Mars-Evans City Road to Marburger Road
Old Route 68 Road: From Community Park Road to State Route 68
Dufford Road: From State Route 528 to Old Route 68 Road
Blackberry Lane: From Spithaler School Road to End of Blackberry Lane
May Lane: From the Township line to the End of May Lane
Browns Mill Road: From Watters Station Road to Brownsdale Road
Johns School Road: From Leisie Road to the Bridge
Watters Station Road

Watters Station Road