Local Taxes

Forward Township – 2.78 mills
Fire Tax – 1.5 mills
Butler County – 27.626 mills
Seneca Valley School District – 127.890 mills

Real Estate Tax Collector: 
Ronda Miller
124 Glenwood Ave.
Evans City, PA. 16033

Phone: 724.538.3773

 Earned Income Tax

The current local E.I.T. rate is 1% and is distributed equally between the Township and the Seneca Valley School District. The E.I.T is collected by an appointed tax collector.

E.I.T collector:
Berkheimer Associates, Tax Administrator
103 South Duffy Road
Butler, PA. 16001

Phone:  724.282.0377  Website: http://www.hab-inc.com/  Customer Care: 1.866.701.7206

 Local Services Tax

A flat tax of $26 per year is levied on those residents with annual income over $12,000 per year.  It is also collected by Berkheimer Associates.