Forward Township Officials

Board Of Supervisors                                           Township Secretary/Treasurer
Jay Rape, Chairperson                                            Bette Spithaler, Treasurer/Secretary
Mary McElhinny, Vice Chairperson                            Lindsey Everett, Secretary
Mel Musulin, Supervisor                                          724.538.9251

Township Roadmaster                                         Township Road Crew
Charles Behm                                                        Phil Chips
724.822.6116                                                        Paul Merten

Township Code Enforcement Officer                   Municipal Code Association (MCA)
Brian Miller, CEO                                                    1227 Sunset Drive
724.822.5172                                                        Butler, PA 16001
Phil Chips, Assistant CEO                                        724.841.0141

Sewage Code Enforcement Officer                      Sewer Authority Chairman
David G. Ice                                                          Steve Buehler
724.712.9267                                                        412.337.1270

Planning Commission
Jim Rape, Chairman
Steve Longwell, Vice Chairman
*Most types of construction in Forward Township require a Building Permit. The installation or repair of an on-lot sewage system also requires a permit for guidance on the need for a permit or the permit application process, please contact, Bette Spithaler or Lindsey Everett