Forward Township was established in 1854 out of territory embraced in the original townships of Connoquenessing and Middlesex. The Township is named after the Honorable Walter Forward who was a judge in Allegheny County, PA., a member of the 17th U.S. Congress and also the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury from 1841 to 1843.

The Forward Township office is closed for visitors. We ask residents to email or call the office in lieu of stopping in with any questions or comments.

Declaration of State of Emergency

Bid Results

The Board of Supervisors of Forward Township, at their meeting on May 12, 2020 opened all bids for the 2020 Summer Maintenance program.

Please see bid results below:

Superpave                                                                Unit Price                               Total

  • Wiest Asphalt Products & Paving, Inc.             $58.60                                     $79,696.00

  • Youngblood Paving, Inc.                                   $57.70                                     $78,472.00

  • Shield Asphalt Paving                                       $57.49                                     $78,186.40

Seal Coating                                                             Unit Price                               Total

  • Russell Standard Corp.                                   $1.033                                     $91,209.77

  • Youngblood Paving, Inc.                                 $1.034                                      $91,298.06

  • Suit-Kote                                                         $1.041                                     $91,916.14

  • Midland Asphalt Materials                               $1.400                                     $123,614.40

The 2020 Superpave Asphalt Bid was awarded to the lowest responsible bidder Youngblood Paving, Inc. for a bid of $78,472.00.

The 2020 Seal Coating Bid was awarded to the lowest responsible bidder Russell Standard Corp. for a bid of $91,209.77.

Thank you for submitting your bid.

Forward Township Board of Supervisors


The Forward Township Municipal off will be closed due to voting.

Tax Payments

Our tax collector will not be collecting walk-in payments during the month of April. Please mail your payment directly to:

Ronda Miller
124 Glenwood Avenue
Evans City, PA 16033

If you require a receipt please include a self-addressed stamped envelope.

5th Annual 5K and Fun Run/Walk

New Date
Saturday, September 26, 2020 from 8 AM – 2 PM
Patti J. Nelson Memorial Foundation

Forward Township does not have zoning however, all changes to properties in Forward Township which may include such things as building, fences, driveways, etc., please contact the Township office to determine if a permit is needed.